Olivia was excellent - the cleaning           Lori D                    Dec 15, 2015

                               was very thorough. I also liked Dr.

                               Recknagel and felt very comfortable

                               throughout the entire exam. I am

                               happy to have found a hygienist and

                               dentist that I look forward to going to

                               for many years to come. I have already

                              referred one person to your office and

                              will continue to make referrals as a result

                              of the positive experience I had.

      Great service as always and great           Garry A                 Dec 8, 2015

                               people. Thank You

      This was my first visit here and                Amanda R             Nov 26, 2015

                                everyone was so kind! Definitely will

                               come back! Thanks, again!

      Everyone was very nice and                     Shelbi K                Nov 24, 2015          


      Everyone was super nice to me. I              Meagan H            Nov 22, 2015                         

                               explained the dentist made me nervous

                               and they were understanding from the

                               beginning!! So grateful for that.

      Excellent care for me and my husband.      Cathy N               Nov 6, 2015          

                               Top notch staff and a beautiful office! 

      Best of the best - A++++++++++++ I love     Tru B                 Sept 29, 2015                                   

                               my dentist and his staff! I recommend him

                               to everyone I know! 

       My hygienist was awesome! Extremely         Margaret S        August 29, 2015     

                               friendly and comforting. My teeth aren't

                               in great shape and she made me feel

                               better about my situation. Dr. Chris was

                               fantastic too. He was funny, down to earth,

                               and communicated my treatment plan very

                               well. I've found the new dental office for my

                               entire family. 

       I've recommended one teacher friend,          Karen C              August 6, 2015

                               and she is now a patient. I hope I find

                               as great a dentist when we move to

                               Kansas City!

       LOVE my trips to the dentist these                Alice S                July 22, 2015

                                days! Thank you ALL!

       Olivia was excellent and answered                Katherine W        July 17, 2015

                                all of my questions.

       I was very pleased with the total visit.               Roy B               July 10, 2015 

       Jenny was helpful in solving my insurance         Ryan F            July 10, 2015

                                verification problem. Both women I met during 

                                my exam were very nice and professional.

      We love going to Dentistry by Design! The          Tiffany M          July 9, 2015

                               staff ALWAYS goes above and

                               beyond to ensure my family has

                               the BEST dental care! THANK YOU!!

    Had emergency issue with bad tooth. The            Denise L           July 1, 2015          

                               extraction that was done no complains as he

                               made sure that I was good and numb before

                               starting. The removal was really fast. I would

                               strongly suggest this dentist to anyone looking for

                               one. Thank you for helping me out. .

     Jaci loves Dr. R and how gentle he is, especially  Jaci P                July 1, 2015

                              since her mouth is so small.

     We were there for a consult visit and staff and      Katherine M      July 1, 2015

                               doctor were very friendly and respectful.

      Dr. Recknagel and his team always do an           Derek L.            June 19, 2015

                               incredible job. They are warm, welcoming

                               and do everything that they can to make you

                               comfortable during your appointment. Have

                              suggested them to several friends who now a

                              lso go to him and also have rave reviews of

                              their experience at the office.  Had a girl that 

                              had just started 2 days prior when I went in this

                              last time and would have never known she hadn't

                              been in there for years. Fit in perfectly with the staff

                              attitude. Dr. Recknagel cam in and asked me about

                              her after she was done to make sure that she was

                              up to their standards. Nice to have someone who

                             constantly is looking to make sure his patients are

                             being properly taken care of by everyone of his staff.

     I love Dr. Recknagel and his staff! Their all very    Francine N.       June 12, 2015 

                              friendly and pleasant to be around. Very professional,

                              quick and caring of the patient's needs. I live about

                              40 minutes away but it's worth the drive. This was

                              my second visit here and I'll remain coming to

                              this location. Thank you staff!

     Olivia was very friendly and thorough. It helped    Danny F.           June 11, 2015          

                              to take some of the clinical aspect off the mind.

     I have been to other dentists in the past, but        Steve P.            June 10, 2015

                              none compare to the friendly atmosphere

                              and the service you provide. Keep up the

                              good work, and had great relief from my

                              tooth pain as well!

     I love all the girls, they take great care of us.         Sasha B.           May 31, 2015


     We always feel like family here. Keep it up.           Jacoelynn N.    May 27, 2015


     Five Star - Always feel like I am in good,                Diana A.           May 24, 2015

                              competent hands.                                                                                             


     I do not remember having a better experience       Michael F.        May 22, 2015

                             with any health provider. Everyone is great!

                              My wife and kids love this office as well.

                             Thank you!                                          


    Highly recommend this dentist's office.                   Lindsey M.       May 18, 2015

                              A wonderful location and staff who always

                              goes above and beyond to make your

                              experience a pleasant one.


     Very calming.   I think you are the best most          Micki N.          April 25, 2015

                              relaxing dental office I've ever been to. If my

                              first dental experiences were that good, I may

                              not have such a phobia about dentists.

                              Dr. Recknagel really knows his stuff. Thank you.


     Olivia was very sweet and chatty. Made me feel    Debbie Z.        April 14, 2015

                              comfortable. The staff in the front were friendly

                              and smiling. The dentist was very nice. Other

                              dentist have criticized my teeth and embarrassed

                              me. This man did not. Thank you.


     I love the service and the friendliness I get from     Connie B.        April 14, 2015

                              Dentistry by Design. Everyone is doing a great

                              job, keep it up.


     Morgan was such an amazing help she kept me    Misty B.           April 11, 2015

                              calm and talked to me about all my questions and

                              went the extra mile! The Dr was amazing and let

                              me tell you I was so nervous!! He even called to

                              check on me (I missed the call) but iv never had

                              a more positive experience that even lasted after

                              I got home . . . thank you VERY MUCH!


     Great Dentist. Dr. Recknagel and his staff are       Nancy V.         April 9, 2015

                              always prompt and courteous. I have referred

                              family and friends to him.


     The Doctor and staff was very helpful and             Terri H.            April 3, 2015   



     Outstanding as always. I've been going to             Michael M.       March 27, 2015

                              Dr. Recknagel for 14 years or so. He has

                              always given me excellent dental care and made

                              me feel comfortable. We've had several difficult

                              situations over the years with some teeth that

                              posed unique problems, Dr. Recknagel was

                              always able to handle these with ease and I have

                              yet to have an unsatisfactory result from any of

                              his treatments. I trust his decisions and advice

                              with my dental care. I cant' say enough about his

                              staff, from the front desk, to the hygienist, to his

                              dental assistants, they are second to none. They

                              are more than just his staff, they are like family.

                              A family that makes me as a patient, feel like part

                              of the family. I would highly recommend Dr.

                              Recknagel to anyone looking for great dental care.


     Shayney and Olivia are super nice                        Christine H.      March 25, 2015


     From the beginning to the end, everything was     Carol F.           March 25, 2015

                              MOST EXCELLENT.


     As usual, I was very pleased withthe overall          Jana D.             March 9, 2015

                              experience. Thanks for taking good care of our



     Dr. Recknagel was real good with the extraction,   Richard B.        January 22, 2015

                              didn't even know when it happened.


     Best dental appointment of my life (and I'm 65!)    Donna  R.         January 21, 2015


     Loved the dental hygienist!! She did a great job,    Larissa H.         January 17, 2015

                              and was very friendly!


     A very thorough exam, mapping, cleaning and      Marilea R         December 12, 2014

                              explanation of problem. Care and concern were



     You and your staff are very helpful. It is a joy to     Caralyne C.      November 12, 2014

                              be a patient there.


    I don't like dentists, but when I walked out of           Danna W.         November 8, 2014

                              your office, I was relaxed and felt that my issues

                              and routine exam had been taken care of and things

                              had been explained. No issues. Made next

                              appointment and later told my daughter about

                              your office.


    Smiles and greetings abundant. Made me feel        Howard R.       October 10, 2014

                              welcomed and relaxed.


    Staff was very friendly and informative. Olivia         Hilario M.         September 27, 2014

                              was very good with information and tips and

                              very pleasant to talk to.


    Jenny was delightful. Very professional and           Andrea Y.        September 18, 2014

                              friendly. Just the right amount of "wow" factor.


    I absolutely love Dr. Recknagel and his staff.          Charlotte S.      September 15, 2014

                              Every time I come into the office they make me

                              feel comfortable and explain everything to me.

                              He is so personable and even comments on my

                              daughter who is a patient of his and remembers

                              things she has told him about her engagement

                              and wedding which makes me feel like he cares

                              and listens. He is such a wonderful dentist and I

                              wouldn't go anywhere else unless he recommends

                              it :)      


    I've referred two friends already. Great staff,       Cathy N.          September 8, 2014

                              very friendly and caring! Much appreciated!


    Foot rub would be nice :-) I was very impressed     Shane T.           August 25, 2014

                              with the staff and how I was treated, thank you

                              for a great visit . . . see you soon


    Thanks for being so friendly and kind to our           Faith B.            August 6, 2014

                              daughter Faith. We are happy to have such a

                              caring dentist and staff for our family's dentistry

                              needs. The B. family.


    Thank you so much for your gentle care of our       Matt B.            August 6, 2014

                              son Matt. Thank you also for pulling his tooth.

                              We are excited to have such a caring dentist

                              and staff for our family's dentistry needs. .

                              The B. family

    Everyone was very friendly and personable.           Ocie P.             August 2, 2014

                              It was a great experience for both J and K.      


    Everyone there is GREAT! THANK YOU!               Alice S.            July 14, 2014


    Enjoyable visit. Very well run office. Pleasant        Sharon K.        July 5, 2014

                              smiling staff. Knowledgeable and caring!

    Was impressed by the whole team. Loved              Linda L.           June 28, 2014

                              Morgan for being as young wonderful job.

                              Was really impressed by the time Doc spent

                              with me explaining and talking. Thanks so much!


    11 yr old loves his new dentist                                Deaken K.       June 12, 2014


    Excellent Experience! I absolutely love the             Nicholas B.      June 7, 2014

                              friendly and excited attitudes all the employees



    The fluoride treatment was fairly new to me,          Kirby C.           May 23, 2014

                              and the technician explained it thoroughly.


    It was great, nothing to change. I felt so much        Ajin J.              May 20, 2014

                              better after and once my medications kicked in.


    My tooth is holding up well. Thanks.                       Tamara A.        May 14, 2014


    loved them! Loved the whole staff. Doctor was       Rikki C.           May 8, 2014

                              professional staff seemed to go out of their way

                              to please people. Receptionist was always kind

                              and helpful.


    The dental hygienist was excellent at making         Nancy K.         May 2, 2014

                              me feel comfortable and explained everything.


    I always refer you to anyone who's looking for       Lindsey M.       April 22, 2014

                              a dentist in the area. My dental hygienist was so

                              friendly and gave me a lot of great information

                              on caring for my teeth. And I appreciate that you

                              and your teeth are encouraging and upbeat.


    This by far was the best visit I have ever had         Chris H.           April 17, 2014

                              with any Dentist. The most comfortable visit 

                             ever. I will continue using your team. Thank you.


    The only thing that would be nice is if the                Cheryl K.         April 8, 2014

                              assistants/hygienists would introduce .

                              themselves Otherwise the girls are really great.


    new patient My experience was great! Will             Toni E.             April 4, 2014

                              recommend Dental by Design to everyone!


    By far the best Dentist I've been to                          Ryan S.            April 1, 2014


    Olivia did a great job of cleaning my teeth.             Jeff H.              March 28, 2014

                              As a result, my wife will be making an

                              appointment to have Olivia take care of her as

                              well. I have been reluctant to visit a hygienist/

                              dentist since we moved because of a fear that

                              I would not find as talented a dental staff as my

                              previous dental team. Chris, your team exceeded

                              my expectations. See you in 6 months


    I rarely have to wait, so the 15 minutes I had to     Tiffany M.        March 18, 2014

                              wait wasn't a problem. I LOVE going to dentistry

                              by design! EVERYONE is always happy! Their

                              happiness is contagious!


    Very good and caring staff. The young lady that      John W.           March 18, 2014

                              assisted me was very polite and professional.

                              Thank you for the great care.


    I felt comfortable and in capable hands.                  Jenifer B.          March 10, 2014


    For the first time in my life, I don't mind visiting       Jana D.             February 28, 2014

                              the dentist. Thanks for making the experience



    It was a very pleasant and comfortable                  Travis B.          February 19, 2014

                              appointment. THANKS


    My hygienist was very nice and very informative.   Christine H.      January 31, 2014


    Great service. Very friendly people.                         Sharon W.        January 31, 2014


    Great Service from a Great Dentist. I would            James V.          January 31, 2014

                              definitely refer to anyone needing a great dentist.

                              My wife and I are so happy!!


    Excellent and very friendly service from all!              Jennifer T.        January 31, 2014